Sampling Warnings - Supply

All the items (packaging) indicated in this document do not constitute warranty of merchantability or eligibility for any particular purpose. By packaging, are all the articles in plastic, glass, metal and all relative accessories, sold apart singularly or combinable in plastic, glass and metal.
HO.BAG Corporate is committed to provide the Customer, upon specific request, adequate samples of the required items in order to allow the Customer to carry out the necessary checks on volume, material and matching/coupling accessories (including sealing).
It is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the Customer to inspect and test the items sampled and/or supplied, with their product and/or products, in order to determinate their immediate and future compatibility, even in the case of supply of single and/or complete and filled packaging from third parties.
Given the items that should be labeled, before use, the compatibility of the surface of the sampled and/or supplied items must be verified and confirmed by the Customer.
Is up to the Customer to verify and determine that the use of the sampled and/or supplied items, in combination with its product and/or products, is safe for human health, is compliant and legal in the intended applications, in compliance with the national and international rules, regulations and laws.
No legal and economic responsibility, present and future, can in any way be accepted and/or charged to HO.BAG Corporate for the use of the items sampled and/or supplied to the Customer, even in combination with other materials and/or components.
HO.BAG Corporate declines all legal and economic responsibility for improper, illegal and instrumental use of the packaging sampled and/or supplied to the Customer.


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